Hi, I'm Kathryn!

A Documentary Style Elopement and Couples Photographer

I'm an average mid-20's girl living in Boston with enough plants in her home to make it look like a botanical garden. My heart belongs to my little family: my husband and our two fur babies. We spend a majority of our time snuggling, eating dumplings and watching Love Island (specifically the UK version). Trash tv is our thing. so, if you've got a new show for us to try, send it our way - it's much appreciated. 

There have been many versions of “me” in my life and each is matched with a point in my photography. This current version of me (and the one that has felt the most true to form) is a storyteller that loves breaking down barriers and being able to capture stories and emotions in their truest and most raw form. 

a small insight to me






Born and raised in New England surrounded by each of the four seasons as the came and went. For a short time I lived in Washington which influenced my love of moodiness and depth in my work.










I'm an EMOTIONAL human being. I'm a Cancer and an Enneagram 6. I love love and intimacy and connection and believe that they're some of the most important things in life.










My husband, the most perfect human in the universe, was born and lived in Nepal for part of his childhood before moving here. We actually met at work and got engaged 11 months after we started dating.