Honestly? Still trying to figure that out myself.


But this current version of me wants nothing more than to create some memories for you that will last a lifetime. I’m just your average 25 year old gal living in Boston with one too many plants in her room, a love for your *finest* Zinfandel, and a never ending passion for White Cheddar Cheez-Its (I’m cultured). Truthfully, I probably use Spongebob references way more than I should but if you’re okay with that and you like to eat dumplings as much as I do, well then frick, we’ll get along perfectly.


I once had someone try to talk me out of being a photographer. I once had someone try to talk me out of chasing my dream.

“Photography is dying. Why would you pursue something that will be irrelevant? How would you even keep up?”


I wish in that moment I would have looked straight in her face and said, “Watch me.” Should have Hulk smashed a microphone on the ground cause ma’am, no one needs that negativity in their life.


So here I am - chasing.


A craft I’ve been trying to perfect for over 12 (yikes) years. Damn do I love it. I love putting every ounce of myself into capturing fleeting moments for my clients - really my collaborators. We’re a team in this. One does not succeed without the other. Our time together is special to me and I want to get to know you and build a relationship with you so that we can have the most authentic time together to show that through your photos. 

You walking away with photos that feel like "you" is the ultimate goal.














"Kathryn takes even the most ordinary of moments and turns them into magic on photo paper. You don't have to worry about "modeling" or posing with Kathryn because she directs you and works with you so that you feel calm and comfortable during your shoot. Kathryn will create breathtaking photos filled with incredible moments for you to cherish forever. Hire her!"

- Kimberly G.

"Kathryn was so fun and comfortable to work with. Especially for my fiancé who didn’t want to take engagement photos. Not only is she great to work with, photography is clearly her true passion. She has great ideas for photos. I highly recommend Kathryn Alanna Photography."

- Emma S.

"I've worked with Kathryn a half dozen times now for personal and professional (fitness) photography and can confidently say she's the only person I trust fully to get to know me, what I'm looking for, and TOTALLY overdeliver every time. Her passion for capturing your moments shines through in her unique perspective and the quality of her work - it truly helps bring your memories to life.

10/10 would recommend her amazing, personal touch for ALL of your photography needs!"

- Kiefer L., Stronger by Design

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