Headed Home

I first visited Seattle, Washington as a 21 year old college student headed to her sisters bachelorette party. Wild. It was my first time flying alone. I remember leaving class early in central Maine, driving two hours to my moms house in central New Hampshire, driving another hour and a half to the airport before departing on flight #1. Flight #2 actually landed me in Seattle where I was picked up my a friend of my sisters and we drove another 2 hours to my sisters house and pounded on the door a midnight for her to let us in. Kim had no idea I was coming nor what I was coming for. We spent the weekend running around with her friends, laughing, dodging the rain, and eating tons of food. It was electric.

As I packed my bags and headed on my flight home a short 72 hours later, I felt like I was leaving a piece of myself behind. I knew in that moment that it wasn't the last time I would be in Seattle.

Fast-forward to 2017 and I became a lost college graduate, desperate to find myself and my sister and her husband welcomed me into their home. My life was LITERALLY never the same.

I spent a whole year of my life surrounded by and entirely new support system unlike one that I had ever experienced before. My sister's friends are some of the most hilarious people I've met and you can fight me on that and you would absolutely lose. They all hold their own unique place in my heart. We've even gone on family vacations together.

During my first time in Seattle, I was introduced to Nicole. A courageous, stunning, bad-ass, bombshell. She makes you laugh until you're doubled over trying not to pee your pants. She's kind. Smart. Brave. All the above. She is truly like a 3rd sister to me. I have wanted the absolute best for her since the moment I met her.

In Walks "The Best"

Essex. Nicole's perfect energy match. 

She's every bit as warm, welcoming and hysterical as Nicole is. It is undeniable when you're around them.

All of the emotions were felt when I found out that they had gotten engaged. Getting to photograph their wedding meant the world to me.

We spent all day together. Probably my most favorite day to do any wedding. Coffee in hand and dual camera harness on.

They shared a first look in the front of the home that the wedding was being held at. From there, we ventured to an overlook of the city and a couple of nearby gardens. The vibes were immaculate. When we returned to the house, guests began arriving and the air was buzzing. It was wedding time, baby.

The ceremony was perfectly them. surrounded by their closest friends and family in the backyard of a family friends home that they shared many memories at, they exchanged their vows.

After the cake cutting and some of the most hysterical speeches I've ever heard, the night ended with their first dance on the basketball court. Dancing into the night surrounded by a cloud of love was the perfect way to end their day.