What an absolUtely dope couple.

N & J started their days rallying along side their friends in some of the most gorgeous wedding colors I've ever seen, AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT HER CUSTOM DRESS?! She IS the moment.

The day was stunning just like they are; from the florals, to the decor to the venue - it was all perfectly their aesthetic (especially considering their engagement was in Salem on Halloween).

BUT, my most favorite piece was that N decided to do her bridals in advance! We spent and evening a few weeks prior to the wedding date walking the venue and getting her formal photos taken care of. This was so great to do because it achieved a few things: firstly, it gave me the opportunity to see the venue prior to the day of so I could location scout ahead of time, second was it saved N the stress of possibly missing shots during the day of, and thirdly, it opened up a big chunk of time on the day of for N & J to do their formals together.

If I could have every couple to this, I 100% would.