We spent warmest, most golden summer evening together quite literally running through a field together.

Justin and Shay had had plans to want to do a photoshoot by the lake and eventually end up in the lake but the heat of the summer threw our plans for a loop when we showed up to the location and the lake had actually been shut down for the evening due to overcrowding! It certainly didn't stop us from making the best of the weather. We drove back to town to a field I had been eyeing for quite some time and we were not disappointed.

Justin and Shay are freakin naturals. They're always giggling and always down for any direction given. For the most part, I let them just "be".

That's the best part about couples sessions. Getting to capture how couples naturally are with one another without getting too posed. I like to offer prompts rather and let them discover what naturally comes to them when their with one another.