If you're ever lucky enough to know or be around Emma and Mike, you'll know what it is to be in the company of two people made for each other. When we were planning their engagement shoot, we worked on everything from narrowing down locations to outfit options to time of day.

Helping my couples pick details of their shoot is so fun because of the flexibility and personalization. I'm down to help make mood boards to sus out exactly the vibe couples are going for. These photos are going to last forever and I want to make sure that they reflect each unique relationship.

I once read from another photographer (I wish I could remember who) that, "if you want your photos to look like my other couples photos, then you need to dress similarly to the way they do and be able to embrace the session." This is SO true. A vast majority of my couples come wearing more neutral toned, solid colored outfits. Having patterns or vibrant colors can really throw off the "balance" in a photo. This is not to say that you shouldn't/can't wear a shirt with patterns and different colors, but to just be aware that it may cause photos to look more different than the work of mine that you've seen that made you want to book with me in the first place.

Emma & Mike nailed it. The wore outfits that completely complemented one another, that weren't "matchy", and never competed with the environment that they were in.