HEllo! Haaaave you met me?

Oh, where to begin. I've written so many "about me" posts, done so many awkward first day of school introductions with a "cool fact about myself". It's an ongoing theme - needing to introduce myself. So here's the current me:

For those of you that are bran-spaken-new, I'm Kathryn. A 26 year old just chilling in a suburb of Boston with my fiancé and our two fur babies. I spend my time balancing shoots, editing, my full-time job, taking care of Bamba & Beerus (the aforementioned fur babies) and shoving my face full of momo with my fiancé, Diwesh, while we rewatch all of Jersey Shore.

Photography as whole has been a part my life since I was 13. It was the summer my mom gave me her Minolta film camera that I became obsessed. I took photos of everything and when it was time to develop the film, I was shocked when most of them were underexposed, grainy and blurred. They weren't "perfect" and I could not have that (which is so ironic because those are honestly my favorite now).

I classify myself as a "lifestyle" photographer because I love telling stories with my photos. I love making you feel things through photos. I don't like the cringey old poses. I want you running through fields laughing, swinging each other around in circles in the snow, snuggled with your love on the couch. Just you being you.

To bring you more insight into my shoots, thoughts, and my brain in general - I've started this blog. I'll bring you behind the scenes, give you tips, introduce some of my favorite vendors and more!

That's really it! There's not much to me. It's just as simple as I'm here to tell your stories so that you can have them forever.

chat soon! xoxo,


enjoy a bonus photo of the schmeebs