I've always been awkward with introductions - some sort of anxiety derived from having to think of one too many "3 interesting facts about yourself" throughout school. But, here I am! This is me - Kathryn: your average mid-20's gal living in Boston with enough plants in her apartment to make it look like a botanical garden, a love for your *finest* Strawberry Lemonade Truly, dumplings, and White Cheddar Cheez-Its. My heart belongs to the mountains (don't tell my Fiancé). Truthfully, I probably use Spongebob references way more than I should but if you’re okay with that and you like to eat and laugh as much as I do, well then frick, we’ll get along perfectly.  Most importantly, this current version of me wants nothing more than to create some memories for you that will last a lifetime.

So here I am - chasing a craft I’ve been working hard to perfect for over 12 (yikes) years. Damn do I love it.

My philosophy and shooting style is based around story telling. My clients are okay with breaking down barriers and letting their emotions come out. Couples I shoot with are wildly in-love and spend their sessions playing and laughing with their significant other.

I want to tell YOUR story. Don't get this confused with the "big moments" only. I want to capture the Sunday morning breakfast in bed dates, the evenings spent snuggled on the couch, just as much as I want to capture maternity photos and engagements. All of the small seemingly insignificant moments are the foundation of the "bigger". They're vital.

I vibe best with couples and people who aren't afraid to get a little silly and are okay with laughing at themselves. I promise to never ask you to do something that I wouldn't do. I also promise that you'll laugh at me a ton for tripping all the time because let's be real, this girls a clutz.

I want to add value to your day and for you to feel like we're just old friends and I'm not just a stranger you hired with a camera. I don't want to show up, take a few photos and then get paid. If this all sounds good to you, let's get in touch and start planning your perfect day.