I’m just your average mid-20's gal living in Boston with enough plants in her room to make it look like a botanical garden, a love for your *finest* Zinfandel, dumplings, and White Cheddar Cheez-Its. No, seriously, I'll eat a whole box in one sitting. My heart belongs to the mountains (don't tell my Fiancé). Truthfully, I probably use Spongebob references way more than I should but if you’re okay with that and you like to eat and laugh as much as I do, well then frick, we’ll get along perfectly.  Most importantly, this current version of me wants nothing more than to create some memories for you that will last a lifetime.

So here I am - chasing a craft I’ve been working hard to perfect for over 12 (yikes) years. Damn do I love it. I love putting every ounce of myself into capturing those fleeting moments for my clients - really my collaborators. Our time together is special to me and I want to get to know you and build a relationship with you so that we can have the most authentic time together and create beautiful photos and memories, not matter the occasion. You deserve someone that is as invested in these moments as you are. No moment is too "small."

You walking away with photos that you can look back on and have them remind you of special times and how you felt in those moments are the ultimate goal.

I vibe best with couples and people who aren't afraid to get a little silly and are okay with laughing at themselves. I promise to never ask you to do something that I wouldn't do. I also promise that you'll laugh at me a ton for tripping all the time because let's be real, this girls a clutz.

I want to add value to your day and for you to feel like we're just old friends and I'm not just a stranger you hired with a camera. I don't want to show up, take a few photos and then get paid. If this all sounds good to you, let's get in touch and start planning your perfect day.